Generally, Odoo ERP is an integrated system of business applications for every category of business and it helps them to simplify the processes. This system improves customer experience and enhances customer satisfaction and reduces manual errors. All things considered, this system is a perfect fit for the Apparel industry, which helps them to handle all the aspects within a singles software. Do not worry about variances such as clothes type, color, design, style, category, etc. Odoo ERP can help businesses to handle all the complex issues. This software enables you to track all your store activities, merchandising, and store floor operations of your apparel manufacturing business. Furthermore, the apparel distribution industry can get advantages from various modules that can help you with product management, warehouse, material plan, production plan, supply chain, and more.


Odoo ERP Modules and Essential Features for Apparel Industry:

Product Management:

This module consists of numerous functionalities which include, product variance management, pricing, planning, etc.

·         Planning 

·         Better Pricing and Promotions approach 

·         Style and product  maintenance

·         Costing


Customer Service

This module allows businesses to respond more quickly to the customer.

·         Client Communications

·         Inquiries and Reporting, Allocation


Supply Chain Management

·         Sourcing

·         Production

·        Vendor/Contractor Portal

·        Raw Goods Management

·        Quality Assurance


Warehouse Management

          Labor Management

·         Slotting Optimization

·         Order Management

·         Shipping and Tracking


Finance & Accounting

·         Cost Accounting

·         General Ledger

·         Credit Card Processing

·         Accounts Receivable

·         Factor Communications

·         Accounts Payable


Finally, Odoo ERP provides accurate information to the appropriate person at the right time and you can access it anywhere in the world. If you are the owner of the garment and apparel industry, then you are in the right place. Contact Odooexpress



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