Competitive Market keeps every business at a pace, with this in mind, the manufacturing industry also needs to accelerate its business process so that it can fulfill the demands of the market. Furthermore, to make the process better, manufacturers need to simplify the processes. Keep all the functions such as raw materials management, vendor management, production control, etc. well managed so that you can stay ahead from your competitors.

Manufacturing business cannot be compared to other industries such as trading, service, or wholesale industry, because this sector includes so many processes and areas like purchase, vendor management, inventory management, production control, sales CRM and many more. If these industries want to make their business management best, they need a strong ERP software for manufacturing business, which will ensure the fast pace, quality reliability, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and so on...

Odoo manufacturing module helping manufacturers to manage their manufacturing orders, manufacturing unit coordination, control shop floors, manage production scheduling, BOM, etc. Further, the Sales, purchase, and manufacturing activities can be managed and controlled to interact with each other effectively so that they can optimize the returns of the company and reduce losses.

Some of the key features of the manufacturing module :

Managing Master Data: Any manufacturing business is able to create master data easily, such as the Bill of Materials (BoM) which helps them to calculate the requirement of raw material, view revisions, also they can define all the priorities for a bill of materials and set units of measurements.  Also, Odoo manufacturing system is fully capable of deciding the route of manufacturing as per the need of the business. Further, they can attach routing information to the bill of materials.

Procurements Automated: Procurement orders are automated by the system using the Make to Order rules, Minimum Stock rules, or using the Production Plans to automatically configure purchase and replenishments. Exception management allows you to handle blocked procurements. Manage warehouse routes with the help of push and pull rules. You can also handle procurement orders in Odoo manually when procuring internally.

Handling Sales: You can get the sales module installed and integrate that system with the manufacturing module. The Sales Orders drive your procurement and invoicing processes and also generates your product needs for planning. Connecting the manufacturing modules with accounts enables you to get real-time accounting valuations as well as accurate reporting of the costs and revenues related to your manufacturing operations.

Planning & Scheduling Production: Easily plan the production schedule by using the Planning menu that gives you the calendar view. You can select days to create orders, see already planned orders or change the starting date for an order

Sub-Contracting Production Operations: On confirmation of a production order, Odoo assists you to generate delivery orders automatically. Now you can send it to raw materials supplier and on confirmation your production order will be activated.

Managing Manufacturing Orders When production order got confirmed, automatically reserve raw materials, which will shorten the procurement process. Conveniently schedule your production Plans as per your production priorities and the planned dates.

Deliveries:  Define your own delivery and picking routes and track the product delivery status in real-time.

Odoo provides valuable benefits and solve the challenges.  If you need more clarification about our service contact us



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  • Manish on 08/11/2017 12:56:01

    Good to know about Odoo for manufacturing industry , I will try for my own company