Often SME’s will find they have a software need but are unable to implement one given the high level of overhead and complexity of the task. Growing companies should begin with small part or initial or basic level, they should add modules with basic features, and then they can add new features as per the expansion and evolution of business. Odoo has a modular approach and being so flexible it works best for SMEs. Business has the freedom to adapt to change quickly.

Odoo is an all-rounder business solution that has a wide range of strong and attractive applications that covers almost all the business sectors. The Odoo solution is the perfect and ideal software for SMEs. At the same time, it can be fit into small as well as big organizations. Odoo has so many modules and apps like Sales, CRM, Manufacturing, Website/e-Commerce, purchase, accounting, billing, project management, and more, and al are integrated with each other.

Why odoo is best for SME’s?

1.      Flexible yet the most stable ERP solutions in the market.

2.      If we compare Odoo ERP with other business software, Odoo encompasses industry-specific modules and also have a lot of flexibility for users to customize the system as per the business requirement

3.      It helps you to handle complete workflow from CRM, purchase, sales, to inventory management and delivery

4.      Integrate your business with third-party channels to make various processes simple like shipping related activities, payment, etc.

5.      The solution can be hosted on your company’s private network, stand-alone web server or cloud server. Odoo also has a mobile app module thus you can create your very own company-specific mobile ERP App

6.      Get an accurate picture of your business performance in real-time

7.      The company rolls out frequent updates which will ensure that your ERP solution is updated to the most recent version available online

In short, its an easy to use one stop destination for SMEs (wholesalers/ distributors/ manufacturers/ eCommerce sellers)


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