In this blog post, we will talk about typical ERP system pricing and variety of cost involved during ERP implementation, Further How to reduce your ERP cost, As we all know that ERP implementation cost is one of the most important factors that make business owners think about implementing an ERP software in their business. Cost calculations and proper pricing information is important area before you select any ERP solution for your business. The best option could be Open ERP as it is free software.

Enterprise Resource Planning system is the most powerful and highly considered business management system that helps all kind of businesses to manage and control all their business processes and inter-departmental interaction effectively. Also, it helps organizations to increase profitability and growth. There are so many ERP solutions in the market and are used by all sizes of businesses ranging from small to mid-sized and large enterprises. ERP implementation may sound very simple and generic, but when you are going to implement an ERP system there are many things that have to be taken care of at the time of undertaking any ERP Development. Although the biggest challenges for any ERP development is the cost and the timelines. We will also discuss the tips on how to reduce your ERP implementation cost.

Costs involved in ERP implementation? 

There could be various costs included in the ERP implementation process, and to make the whole budget and considering the total expense on the project needs to be taken care of before settling or finalizing the project. Although most of the ERP software providers provide you with robust solutions, business apps, and modules that include a variety of services which is involved before and after Implementation

There are few high-level areas where ERP implementation costs vary as per the difference in services performance by the vendors

  • Business Requirement Analysis cost
  • Software development Cost
  • Licensing Pricing
  • Onsite services offered by the vendor
  • Customization costs
  • Training
  • Support and so on . . .

Based on the services offered by the vendor the cost and pricing of an ERP solution differ.

How to reduce your ERP Implementation cost? 

The cost of ERP implementation is a significant aspect that motivates any business owner to start with an ERP project. It is not definite that only high-cost ERP implementation will be successful, sometimes high cost also creates failure. There are several ways that help you to reduce implementation costs:

  • Plan properly: 

Implementing an ERP system is not so simple, it needs proper planning onto the modules, your business workflows, needs of customization, and who will be using it, which means the employees who are actually going to use it, who are the actual user of your ERP system. ERP planning helps in reducing the cost which you may incur in customization and other related services

  • Select your ERP System Wisely: 

Selecting proper ERP software is another important factor. Be focused and aware of every factor of the system, you need check and make sure that all the functionalities are working properly or not, is it going to fit into your business, is it customizable or not, and so many aspects. There are many ERP software available for the specific industry this reduces the cost of ERP implementation drastically.

  • Reduce Customization or Special Requests

Customization is one of the key factors that enhance the price of ERP implementation. It is an obvious fact that customization costs more than the using basic features of the system that are there from the beginning, businesses need to avoid heavy customization that can help them to keep their ERP cost low.

  • Check your Vendor Capabilities: 

Vendor experience is another factor that can enhance your ERP software cost. Wisely select your ERP software vendor wisely, they should have years of experience and they should have delivered several successful implementation projects. Again, the most important factor, Cost, they provide a budget-friendly system and services.

If your ERP implementation is big then Agile Development Methodology can reduce or divide your whole ERP investment. Agile Development Methodology segregates the whole implementation project into small parts and various phases as per the complexity level of the item. Further, in this case, you can pay your vendor in small installments.

One of the best options is to implement an open-source software, it comes at affordable rates and can be customized as well.

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