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Odoo(formerly known as OpenERP) is known for the advantages it offers for the business. This ERP system is based on a centralized approach that covers most of the business areas, departments, and functions, which transforms the way of managing and running the business. Also, this system also considered as ERP software of the future, because it modifies itself with the latest technologies and technological advancement, which helps businesses to move in the right direction. And, if you are looking forward to having an Odoo implementation, you have landed in the right place.

For Odoo ERP Implementation, two different approaches can be used. The first approach is a package approach, which only needs the implementation of applications and modules or we can say that the system with the basic features, it costs a lot less. It only includes a few developments, in other words it is a generic approach. On the other hand, the second approach is a custom approach, It is required when we cannot cover clients needs with the generic approach. This approach involves a detailed analysis of the customer's requirements and then we decide to implement, customize and develop a solution. We implement ERP to your organization with Agile Methodology. Odoo Implementation encompasses the whole process of integrating and deploying which includes.

1.     Evaluation

2.     Specification

3.     Planning

4.     Configuration

5.     Loading Data

6.     Installation and Training


Odoo Implementation Service by Odooexpress includes:

1.       Pre-Analysis

a.       Meeting with the board of executive of the client

b.       Interviews with keys managers/users

c.       Standard odoo system setup

d.       Installation and configuration of odoo modules

e.       User training

2.       Development

a.     Detailed analysis

b.    Interface design

c.     Workflow, dashboard & report design

d.    System integration & qa

e.     Access rights and deployment

3.       Data Migration

a.     Through web service interface

b.    Through xml & csv files

c.     Through using etl

4.       Support and maintenance

a.     Functional help

b.    Error resolving

c.     Migration to newer version

d.    Unlimited bug fixing

e.     Management of security alerts


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