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One evident competition is between specifically licensed ERP products and the collection of options known as ‘open source’ ERP software — ERP platforms which are not built for a sole purpose of profit of a particular organization, but these systems can be maintained with open source licensing and more often by its user community.

Here are some of the relevant advantages of selecting an open-source ERP solution for business.

Platform Diversity

The most significant aspect of open-source software is that it can explore so many areas or fields or articles of businesses, it is more open and interconnected than other proprietary ERP solutions. It is the best option for small to medium-sized businesses. It is interconnected software, which is compatible with most of the systems and hardware of the business.

Community Support

This is an overwhelming benefit of many open source ERP solution popular with companies who choose to go this route. There are so many open-source platforms are supported by various active user communities. Support could be experimental, and it is really transparent support.

Eliminate Big Vendor Problem

Other ERP system can cost a lot and vendor of those ERP systems may not deliver expected result, on the other hand, open-source ERP solutions vendors costs a lot less and offers the best open-source services.

Open Source Prestige

In some ways, it’s much like the sourcing of organic foods, or other high-value product quests. Of course, this is very subjective, and not everyone values open-source over proprietary, but there’s a significant amount of open-source cliquishness in areas of the tech world.

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