• Our service offerings utilize OdooExpress proprietary PERFECT Methodology and represent our 360-degree focus on every task necessary to ensure that our clients achieve the most business benefits possible. 

O2B services are beneficial to organizations just beginning an ERP project as well as those requiring assistance during or after the implementation process Because we are technology-agnostic and well-versed in all of the major ERP systems, our expertise can be applied to any ERP engagement.

  • Odoo and Quickbooks Integration

Quickbooks is a very useful financial accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. We provide custom software programming and development services to integrate QuickBooks with websites and web-applications. We serve the needs of Organizations and software development companies seeking to integrate their web or desktop software products with QuickBooks, offering the integration utilities we develop for them as part of their own product offerings.

OdooExpress offers a very affordable QuickBooks integration service that provides electronic data exchange between your website and a Windows PC with a QuickBooks accounting package installed. The purpose of the interface is to eliminate the manual procedures currently required to move customers, suppliers, products, order's and stocks information from the website into QuickBooks.

Through the QuickBooks, integration service website operators can transfer a file with new orders to QuickBooks and insert those orders into the QuickBooks database. As new orders for existing accounts are imported, any orders from new customers will also be inserted.

  • Social network features Odoo

The social network module (technical name mail) provides the message board found at the bottom of many forms, also called Open Chatter, the followers are featured along with the logic regarding messages and notifications. This is something we will often want to add to our models, so let's learn how to do it. The social network messaging features are provided by the mail.threadmodel of the mail module. To add it to a custom model we need to:

  • Have the module depend on mail.
  • Have the class inherit from mail.thread.
  • Have the Followers and Thread widgets added to the form view.
  • Optionally, set up record rules for followers.


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