Today manufacturing sector is facing many challenges due to increased globalization. There are so many factors that make the manufacturing business complex and challenging, such as intense global competition, acquiring and retaining skilled workforce resources, pressure of cost handling, constant change in customer's demands, and more.

Odooexpress is fully capable of providing all the solutions and services that can help businesses to fulfill their needs by providing an open-source solution “Odoo” ERP solution at affordable pricing. It has a modular approach so as per requirement you can go for the required module. Likewise, we have an MRP module for the Manufacturing sector. In this First, we will inherit the Odoo app MRP operations, as this module is responsible for adding the Manufacturing order operation based on Routing configured on BoM. 

To fulfill the manufacturing requirement, there are multiple solutions:

1.  Quantity of each raw material is defined on the Bill of Material (BoM) and further, it can create procurement order automatically to supply the raw material. Moreover, this will help in configuring each raw material item with Make to Order, so this will create Purchase Order for a supplier, but if you install the app: purchase requisitionthis will let you receive multiple requisitions and then choose the best supplier based on that. 

2. To overload the generation of procurement for each supplier is the second way, but it is complex. Here, manufacturing orders are based on each raw material and then you need to implement a particular workflow that helps you to generate the procurement. Now, you can acquire the raw materials as per the quality measure you have. But this way is way too expensive than others.

I would suggest for the first idea as it will end up re-using a certified module which will reduce future migration efforts (easy migration) and maintainability (customized code maintainability) will reduce.


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