Retail sales have been growing from the past few years however, there are some serious challenges in running the retails industry such as economic factors, crime-related losses, industry concentration, seasonal cash flow, limited product offerings and inventory, lack of product diversity and more. Generally retail is a simple concept, it is a place to buy and sell the products to earn profits. The fast growing markets are mainly concentrating on multi-channel, customer focus, social retail data management and analytics. These technologies provide multiple opportunities for the retailers to growing the business.

Challenges in Retail Industry

  • Struggling along with the economy

  • Staging stores

  • High works turn over

  • Seasonal cash flow

  • Crime-Related losses

  • Protecting customer information

  • Trends affect demand

  • Auditing

If you in one of the retailers running your business with all the above challenges means that you are not aware of the ERP solution. ERP is a multi-module application system that supports a vast set of business operations such as product development, pre & post costing, planning, purchase, sales, inventory, payroll, finance and more. With an erp system, you can integrate all the data and the related processes of your enterprises. If you are in the small retail category then you can run your business with Odoo ERP solution. Odoo is an open source erp solution mainly which has been providing the solution for small to medium enterprises.

Odoo for Retail

  • Scalable system

  • Increasing efficiency

  • Data consistency

  • Increasing flexibility

  • Mergers and Acquisitions


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