Hotel also needs an efficient OpenERP/Odoo Hotel Management Software that can streamline the processes and tasks in a hotel. Odoo offers the great features to the hospitality sector. Easily integrate processes and get all types of business applications installed in the hotel.

It certainly is significant management software. It allows the management of the hotel to acquire a completely integrated and continually updated overview of all the departments and activities with the hotel, not just in terms of operations but also in terms of efficient planning. Our fully integrated and comprehensive OpenERP/Odoo Hotel Management Software improves your overall business performance and productivity while reducing costs and time.

Our Odoo/OpenERP HMS supports features like Housekeeping Services, Reservation Menu, Guest Relationship Management, Booking Calendar, Booking Management, Yield Management, Management of Check-Ins & Check Outs, Management of Taxing, Receipt and Invoice management, Generating menu card, etc.

Odoo/OpenERP HMS software is compatible and resourceful for hotel chains, independent hotels along with all kinds of hospitality service providers in the wide global hospitality industry.

Appropriate Management is the key to a flourishing and successful business. Every business, either small scale or big scale requires a good, strategic and organized unit of management which can become the base for the future of a blossoming business. Moreover the advent of technology in the last two decades has changed the course of management. 

Odoo/OpenERP Hotel Management system comes with flexible features of allowing the user to alter as per the requirement to enhance the business growth effectively with ease. There are several companies around the world that offer a devoted Hotel Management System. One such company is Serpent Consulting Services. The company has become one of the most trustable names in the global Odoo/OpenERP Hotel Management system service providers due to its dedicated and commitment-oriented services.


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