In recent years, information and digital technologies that have been expanding at great speed and influencing the workflow of media and entertainment companies step by step are now remodeling the traditional mode of the workflow and production management. The breeding of digital media resources has brought innumerable difficulties to the media supply chain. For companies operating in entertainment and media sector, these new delivery and content channels build up prominent challenges across asset and resource management.

Media organizations and companies which maintain inflexible or outdated business management systems may find themselves striving to adjust to modern ways of running business. In order to stay competitive, media and entertainment companies should seek for ways to turn to advantage scale economies while retaining the ability to distinguish themselves through innovative services and products. Business management systems designed for delivery, management and creation of digital content are crucial to bettering efficiency and collaboration, meeting clients’ expectations and gaining visibility. One of such software systems is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Benefits ERP can bring to media and entertainment industry

With the help of Enterprise Resource Planning system it is possible integrate both external and internal processes within the company in order to run a successful business. The set of benefits you are able to achieve is the following:

  • Subscriber database growth

  • More effective business development

  • Improvement of media sales team performance

  • Streamlining of billing processes

  • Advertising performance tracking.

  • Project and Service Management:

It ensures optimal performance of your services, maintenance and project management processes at virtually any touch point.

  • Marketing Management and Planning System:

Specific tools of ERP provide analytical tools to help the management of the company to understand the advantages of operating important strategic issues and decisions.

  • Business Intelligence and Reporting:

BI, Intelligent reporting are some features that allow your company to selectively access critical data to identify issues early make an accurate analysis and take timely action to improve performance.

  • Accounting and Finance:

Yes do not get surprised. All media industries surely have an HR department and in many cases an accounts department that look after calculation of the employee’s salary, leave, time and attendance, etc.

  • Integration with other system:

This kind of integration allows effective communication between various departments in a fast quick, easy and accurate way for better understanding about the new updates which have been released. This does not isolate any department and concerned user from accessing the new statuses and updates regarding the company.


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