Supply Chain Automation Implementation means managing an optimized inventory. This means in the stock only critical items can be kept and minimize the idle items. A major concern of the Airline Industry is to minimize the maintenance cost. Furthermore, they are focused on keeping the accuracy of inventory level high as well as delivering high levels of service. To achieve the goals, the best way is Supply chain automation.

The aviation sector handles items, which are capital-intensive. Further, the items include a huge number of parts or components. Most of the item components are moving, this is why tracking the inventory accurately becomes complicated. This kind of issue makes supply chain management more complex for the Aviation industry.

1.  The key element of successful management of the aviation industry is to forecast the customer requirements, managing capacity, demand pattern analysis, handling logistics, maintenance of the engine, etc.

2. Inventory Analysis is important to understand and determine the level of stocks and get the accurate stock levels. Keeping an optimized inventory is really necessary for the aviation business because this is the capital intensive with low-profit margin industry.  The historical records are kept for analysis.

3. Maintenance Operations are scheduled and recorded to keep track of costs. The planned & unplanned maintenance is recorded. This industry has to keep account of all the costs for components, time, labor material, etc. Unplanned maintenance also affects the cost of ownership.

4. Track the Lifecycle of Aircrafts using SCM. The components and life of the aircraft are managed with predictive alerts. Know all the details of the components, when the component is due for maintenance. 

5. Make sure that Invoicing, Bills, and stock management is done in a proper manner to get accuracy.  Manage multiple invoices from different locations or countries ina single platform.


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