Odoo ERP system is the best software that has a robust business suite for manufacturing, trading, retail, service, healthcare, and distribution industries which can simplify the processes to enhance customer satisfaction. Also, it has the capability to reduce manual errors and controller business to make the business management successful. Most of the apparel industry owners face so many challenges while running their business due to the high number of variables involved in this sector. For example, clothing industry manages so many products with different attributes such as material type ( cotton, silk, chiffon, etc.), color (blue, red, green, yellow, etc.), design (full sleeve, half-sleeve, buttoned, etc.), category ( men, women, kids), and many more.  You can easily handle all the issues at a single place. This Odoo ERP solution allows you to keep track of all merchandising and store floor operations, simply manage your apparel manufacturing as well as keep track of every activity of the business, from raw material purchase to the final delivery of the product.  Manage all of your products, warehouses, and the whole supply chain. Also, it helps you in production planning and material planning.

Key Features for Apparel Industry :

Product Management:

It is the module that helps apparel manufacturers and suppliers to manage complete product processing (pricing, planning, item maintenance and more)

  • Pricing

  •  Planning 

  • Product Maintenance

  • Style management

  • Product costing

Customer Service

Respond quickly to your customer’s queries, this is the main objective of the business success

  • Effective Customer Communications

  • Embellishments and styling

  • Inquiries and Reporting

Supply Chain Management

  • Procurement and sourcing

  • Planning

  • Quality Assurance

  • Vendor Portal

  • Raw material Management

Warehouse Management

  • Shipping solution

  • WorkforceManagement

  • Slotting Optimization

  • Order Management

Finance & Accounting

  • Cost Accounting

  • General Ledger

  • Credit Card Processing

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Factor Communications

  • Accounts Payable


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