Odoo provides complete software solution from front office to back office. Its set of integrated business apps is: CRM, POS, website builder, eCommerce, sales, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, HR, project, and marketing tools.

Business software in the world Odoo is the most installed software . Odoo is used by 2.000.000 users worldwide ranging from very small companies (1 user) to very large ones (300 000 users). Amongst the biggest references you can find:

Odoo is the only software in the world having such a large range of customers:                                                                                                           

Odoo offers a full suite of business apps that fits the needs of large companies, but it’s built to empower smaller companies to adopt it quickly and easily through a smooth, friendly user experience.

  • Odoo is flexible and fully integrated in order to cover the needs of very complex companies:

  • Odoo is open source - it is actively maintained by a large base of developers to meet evolving customer needs and provide new, innovative applications to help companies worldwide grow their business

They think business software shouldn’t be complex. They believe in software that is full featured, tightly integrated, runs smoothly, and upgrades seamlessly.

Their mission is to provide a range of easy to use business applications that form a complete suite, giving millions of companies easy access to the software they need to run and grow their business.

Odoo/OpenERP was started in 2005. Odoo a unique and fully open eco system combining the resources of its open source community, partners’ network and revellers.

Odoo provides 30 main applications supported by the editor. In addition, the community of more than 1,500 active members, has contributed 4,000+ apps to cover a wide variety of business needs.

The network of 550+ certified partners in more than 120 countries means that although Odoo is a global company, it provides local solutions. The popular software is available online and can be hosted on a server you own or rent.

Popular Functionality Modules

Accounting Their accounting software is for businesses of any size. Odoo Accounting offers a better way for your accounting team to work with customers and suppliers.

Website Builder Create beautiful websites with no technical knowledge. Odoo’s unique ‘edit inline’ approach makes creating a website surprisingly easy.

Expenses Odoo’s software to manage daily expenses offers affluent encoding process - The whole flow of managing employees’ expenses is implemented as:

Business Intelligence Odoo gives you an easy way to see the statistics about any of your important data. You can create detailed reports and graphs in any format you need - all that in few simple.


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