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03/14/2019 08:08:32 In Our Blog - Odoo Express

In Odoo POS is a powerful app having integration with stock, accounting and other apps of Odoo. Without any extra efforts, conveniently handle your stock levels due to the POS transactions, because all these transactions from POS affects your stock levels directly. Odoo POS is the best POS system for any business when anyone opens a store with  Odoo POS, they are able to sync orders, products, customers, barcodes, etc. with the point of sale, as a result, now they do not have to worry about updating two sets of inventories. See your customers directly from the POS and easily create invoices with more accuracy and to provide great customer experience, synchronize your accounting data. 

Features and benefits: 100% WEB based

  • available for any touchscreen device (iPod, iPad, any tablet)
  • mobile (with portable devices)
  • no installation required

Packed as a standard Odoo module

  • no installation, easy deployment
  • allows customization & adapts to different needs

Integrated with Odoo

  • no synchronization needed, completely integrated
  • all Odoo available, use Odoo for backend
  • consolidate shops almost in real-time

Work offline, with no server connection

  • continue working even when your connection is down
  • if you close your browser, data won't be lost

Sexy & easy to use

  • fully web-based with a clean interface
  • smart interface

Need Of a POS system?

With the use of Odoo POS system, small businesses can also get benefit by getting the feature of multiple payment methods, now they can accept credit and debit card payments and seamlessly track sales. This Odoo POS system is built for small businesses and they can afford this system, it is one of the most cost-effective POS system.

Having electronic records of each sale is very important, otherwise, it becomes very difficult to have an accurate understanding of your sales or we can say that of what you’re selling. Basically, to make a better decision, you need to have accurate and maximum data or information about your business. A small business POS system is very helpful and beneficial for those businesses that are just starting out, this POS system helps those businesses to appear more legitimate.


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