An English phrase "Nobody is perfect" is applied in Odoo also. The very popular open-source system Odoo also has some boundaries or limitations. Odoo gives all the ingredients to bake an "ERP" cake, and with our Odoo service, we put the icing on the cake.

Odooexpress always keen to help businesses to grow. Implementing Odoo ERP without proper guidance will result in hassled and problematic implementation., which leads the businesses back to square one. That will cost you precious time and money. To avoid al kind of hurdles, or complexities, it is better to hire a skilled and qualified Odoo consultant prior to implementation. We offer many odoo services which include:

Odoo Implementation: Odoo Implementation is the service of implementing the Odoo modules (formerly known as OpenERP and before that, TinyERP) andOdoo Apps. Targeting companies of all sizes, the application suite includes Odoo modules andOdoo Apps like Sales-Purchase Management, Accounting, Bills of materials, Warehouses Management, and almost all running operations.

Odoo Customization: One of the main advantages of using open source ERP solutions is that you get to have your solution customized to fit your business flow and to suit your established processes and models. Customization is really an important part of every business if they have any specific and unite requirements, Odoo customization service providers seamlessly customize the system to make your organization's workflow and functions more effective. We do all sorts of Odoo customization

Odoo Development: Odoo is an open-source commercial business model, which can be customized given your specific business needs. It has a very unique and powerful MVC architecture. Also, Odoo partners believe in agile development methodology which gives extraordinary flexibility in the system, module, app, and field customization as well as adaptations. We can develop a new module or app as per the business need, if you do not find the app in Odoo AppStore.

Odoo Integration: If you are running a Magento store and want to leverage Odoo benefits in your e-store, we can help!

  • Sales Orders Integration
  • Inventory Management
  • POS Integration with Accounting

Odoo support: We provide highly professional and quick technical support and maintenance to the implemented Odoo!

  • Quick Response
  • Expert and Professional Support
  • Dedicated Team

Odoo Reporting: Odoo management reporting system is essentially a mechanism for monitoring the 'mission' of suits of Managing Business Application. That mission can be defined by a formal plan which majority has three distinct streams:

the desired organization structure; the time-phased statement of organizational goals; and  the critical.

With Odoo Reporting you can achieve desired organization structure and Manage your resources accordingly however some reports need customization and required format. However OdooExpress Also provides the Integration with the Best Reporting tools for extracting the data


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