Odoo is a vast ERP system that and it is better to gain complete information about its functions & technical structure before deciding it's implementation in your business. Sometimes, you may find difficulties during implementing Odoo ERP, there could be many different factors or reasons, like low budget, limited resources, sudden objective change during the implementation process, the addition of complex requirements in between the process, insufficient employees, lack of proper vision, etc.


it is better to approach a good Odoo consultant prior to implementation. We have highly qualified and experienced Odoo experts who will guide you throughout the implementation process as well as provide you with the best consultancy which helps you to understand the need and functionality of the ERP software. Furthermore, we believe in an in-depth study of the business issues, loopholes and pain points. After all the study and analysis, we draft a conceptual architecture, define best-suited strategies, generate analysis reports, and finally map all of them to develop a strong, useful and a complete system for your company.


Configuration helps the user to identify the different areas of the application. If you do not configure your system appropriately, you will face unexpected behaviour of the business apps and modules. Odoo is relevant enough to cover-up major functionalities that an enterprise requires for its different departments functioning. Odoo has been designed in such a manner, you can manage key features by configuration.


We are the experts of installation of Odoo and have vast experience to install this software on cloud servers like Amazon, Digitalocen and more. Therefore, you can trust us and our experts, they can help you to get a top-class cloud server, based on the configuration.


Customization is the best part about the Odoo/OpenERP software, it enables us to offer a personalized experience in an application as per our client's requirements. Although, Odoo provides a fully functional package of the business apps and modules to meet up business needs, but with the customizable nature it can fulfil "extra" requirements of the clients.


Well trained workforce makes the business management easy, with this concept, we provide the best end-user training, so that they can use the system more efficiently.


In hazy situation, where an end-user tries to find a supporting hand, which helps them to resist and come out of that. Our technical team can provide full support and we try to resolve issues and problems as quickly as possible.  After deployment of Odoo, the cycle doesn't end. Sometimes, businesses needs continuous and frequent improvements in their business, we provide support as long as they need. We provide after-sale services at a very affordable rate

OdooExpress’s Team provide all the Odoo services if you need any of them just contact us through our website http://www.odooexpress.com/



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