First of all, we need to know, what is CRM? Basically, Customer relationship management (CRM) is a concept of capturing, nurturing, and managing prospects and customers. It includes so many elements such as defining strategies, using techniques, and best practices. All these things lets organizations analyze their customer interactions, customer data, and information throughout the customer lifecycle. The primary goal of companies is to improve their business relationships with their customers or clients. To achieve their goals business needs to use a robust CRM software that can help them to improve customer experience and enhance customer engagement with the business. The main focus of the CRM system is to increase the rate of customer retention and drive more sales to generate more revenue. 
All things considered, CRM systems are designed in such a manner so that they can help companies to gather information of customers across various channels or through points of contact between the client and the firm. Another key pint, to enhance the point of contact, always make sure that your business website must be attractive and provide adequate information about your products or services. On the website, customers can contact through live chat, or by filling the form. Also, they can directly contact you via email or social media. CRM system integrates all the platforms so that you can have all the information in one place and make decisions conveniently. 
Moving further, an open-source ERP and CRM system is the best-suited business solutions for all size of business and all category of business.  And being open-source it can be tailored as per the business requirements as well as you can integrate the system with any module or app. Simply, integrate website, email, social media, SMS, and more to make the CRM processes easier and simpler than ever before.
Open-source CRM software centralizes customer data and records or documents into one CRM database, it will allow organizations to access their users and manage them easily. It enhances customer experience, as you have all their information and know their preferences. Furthermore, you can easily record the interaction with your clients or prospects and make decisions as per the conversation with them. Open-source software allows companies to have all their customer and prospect information in one place, 
 within the sales pipeline. You can go to any prospect, schedule calls, view complete interaction history, and get notifications of the appointment with them, all in one place.
Basic characteristics of CRM system are:
1. Leads Management
With open-source CRM software, you can easily create campaigns and select target audiences and can send emails to them. Import prospects files into the system by using its column matching tool.
2. Pipeline management
Get a clear and comprehensive view of your opportunities in the sales pipeline. Move opportunities to the next stage with the drag & drop interface. Also, you can set up specific stages as per your business needs, and assign salespeople over every opportunity or prospect. Get 360-degree visibility across the system and get all information in one place,  such as how many visitors you have on your website, emails, meeting details, next actions, proceeding orders, etc.
3. Efficient Communication
Create an attractive template of emails and send emails as per the preferences of your prospects, communicate with them effectively. Keep a record of every interaction and nurture your prospects and convert them into a deal. 
Open source CRM is a unique system that provides its source code to the public, this is why any developer can modify the code and make the system better. 
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