Initially, before the ERP software came into existence, companies used to administer their processes with the help of some dedicated system, which only can manage one or two functions such as finance. Later on, other software comes into existence that help businesses to deal with every business functions and processes. But, the most challenging thing to use different software separately for each department costs a lot, and due to huge investment organizations do not get great ROI. At the same time those systems have no clarity and proper visibility across the organization. To overcome all the issues, ERP software came into exists. With the ERP system, the majority of the problem can be resolved by using the single platform which caters to all the Business requirements in one platform.

Now, most of the organizations are experiencing the power of Open Source ERP “Odoo” as a necessity for their growing Business. The Odoo Open Source Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system is highly scalable as well as flexible which can be fit into any size of businesses and expanding organizations as well. All the features and modules functionalities of Odoo ERP enable organizations to enhance the profit and business operations efficiency.

Reasons to use open source ERP :

  • Open Source ERP Solutions save money.

This is the most important factor not only for the small and mid-size companies but also for the large multinational corporations. On the long run open source 

ERP solutions are always more feasible than the proprietary solutions, because of several reasons. First of all, there is a lower or no license cost of the software. Next, the maintenance cost and the external consultants and programmer fees are lower than the proprietary solutions. Furthermore most open source ERP solutions can use open source databases and operating systems, giving you additional license-free options.

  • Open Source ERP Solutions provide higher quality.

Most of the IT experts or specialists agree on the point, where it is said that open source ERP solutions are capable of providing higher quality. It is because many independent and skilled developers can access the solutions, modify the code and make changes or enhance the solution's features. Competition between developers is very common in open source software communities and that is the main drive that improves quality and encourages innovation. Most of the top ERP solution providers believe in the concept of “reinventing the wheel”.

  • Technical Superiority and innovation.

Open source ERP solutions are preferred by big and small companies because they are easier to upgrade when customizations are properly implemented. This system can be upgraded without disrupting the production system. In this way companies using open source ERP solutions are always one step ahead of their competitors, and are harvesting the power of the latest technologies and innovations.

  • Higher security

In the past, the open source ERP Solutions were discarded as being less secure, but today many of them are being considered as technically superior to their proprietary counterparts.

The major factor behind the high security of an open-source ERP solution is that it has a large number of contributors. It is obvious when a team of 50 skilled programmers compared to the team of 1000 talented programmers, then it can be easily seen that who will be more capable of producing a better quality product? Due to open-source code, any developer can identify a bug or loophole and they can fix the bug as quickly as possible. This results in better-secured software.

  • Open Source ERP Solutions bring business agility & customization.

Agility in the business makes business capable of delivering marketplace demands quickly. Therefore, large organizations can use open source ERP Solutions and get numerous advantages because now they can get their items to deliver faster than before, and now they can react quickly to their project points. Faster delivery of the project saves time as well as money.

  • Open Source ERP Solutions migrates risk

It reduces dependence on a single or multiple vendors, and in this way they may reduce business risk. Open source ERP Solution providers like Odooexpress allow you to integrate apps and modules from different vendors in a way that will increase the overall productivity of your daily operations.

The major advantage of choosing open source ERP Solutions in the place of any proprietary ERP Solutions is that the system you have that is fully open-source and you own the system completely.

Now, let us understand the benefits of the Odoo customization

• The Odoo Customization is important for your organization to meet your perfect business requirements, you can easily customize the source code your required functionality.

• Customization is needed to add or remove functionalities in the system.

• Furthermore, customization enables companies to reduce the duplicate entries.

• It is not only Customization that Odoo can Offer, but also, Odoo allows you to integrate the web-based application.

I am looking for Odoo Customization, What should I do?

Join your hands with Odooexpress as we have implemented high-quality Odoo projects all over the world.


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