Odoo has the OpenSource Inventory Management Application including web-based stock management apps responsible for controlling and coordinating the ERP systems. Inventory applications using software that can be accessed online make your life easy. with online inventory management, you can keep track of the incoming and outgoing inventory in your small business.

Inventory Management can help you with !!

1. Real-Time Inventory Report

2. Track Incoming Inventory

3. Manage Delivery Order

4. Track Delivery Order

Why to use asset management software?

In order to avoid overstocking and understocking of the products in the inventory, organizations are using Odoo Warehouse Management Software. This tools helps companies to organize, manage, and control inventory data. It is associated with distribution software, distributors with less budget can be tied up in inventories having an advantage over their counterparts

Double Entry Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Like accounting, in the inventory management system, Odoo uses the double-entry system. This double-entry inventory management tool is not all about the storage and loss of the items, but it focuses on the transfer of products from one location to another.

Other Advantages of using Odoo

  • Email Integration & Automation

  • Collaborative Agenda

  • Lead Automation and Marketing Campaigns

  • Sales cycle customization

  • Reporting and Dashboards


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