Implementations of Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP software is increasing day by day almost by Big and small businesses. The reason is simple that ERP solutions integrate all your business processes in single software which provides you with information that can increase efficiency and effectiveness of working.

Open source ERP software is available freely on the internet and with the help of professionals it can be implemented with the modules and applications require for the departments. Here we list the importance of Open source ERP software for Small businesses.

Normally ERP software was implemented  by big organization. Due to high budgets ERP solutions were ignored by SME and small businesses, but with the introduction of Open source ERP software in the market. ERP implementations have seen the growth in recent years especially by small industries.

License Free:

Open source ERP software are license free which means you don’t need to pay for per user licensing which is not the case of with any closed source ERP software. Small and medium sized organization can easily opt for end number of users without worrying about extra cost for its licensing

Cost Effective & Freedom:

One of the first reasons for SME’s to implement Open source ERP software is the cost effectiveness as compare to other paid software. Small business cannot afford licensing fees of paid software and henceforth Open source ERP software is available freely over there internet

Easy Customization

With open source ERP implementations the source code of the software is with the client on their server which allows them to customize the tool as per their requirement – Customization can be done during the implementation or after few years when the  business process changes.

Quick Implementation

Open source ERP software can be easily implemented within few months as there are strong communities which help with many modules and can be installed in few clicks.

Single software covering all your needs

With ERP software you can manage all your entire departments such as Sales, CRM, HR, Accounting, Warehouse and even specialized sectors such as Trading business, Manufacturing, Service industry and so on. Open source communities are backed by powerful developers who build the code and allow it to download freely. Apart from that using different software for your enterprise cannot be cost effective and can create silos.


FOSS – Free and Open source ERP software are available freely over the internet, therefore it allows you to even check each & every functionality of the modules before actually implementing it.


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