Implementations of Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP software is increasing day by day almost by Big and small businesses. ERP implementation is necessary as it includes the integration of all the business functions and departments so that you can keep the workflow streamlined.

Open source ERP is really affordable business solution and it can be used for free as it does not cost any license fee. Further, it can be implemented and can be customized as per the need of every business department. In this blog we are going to discuss the advantages of open-source software for Small businesses.

Normally ERP software was implemented by big organizations. A huge amount of investments block the way of small businesses to get the ERP system, but since the open-source system came into the market, small to medium-sized businesses are also implementing ERP solutions for improving their business. In recent years, it can be seen that small businesses are implementing  ERP in their business.

License Free:

Open-source business management software is license-free, now you do not have to pay for per-user licensing. Small and medium-sized organization can easily opt for end number of users without worrying about extra cost for its licensing

Cost-Effective & Freedom:

One of the main reasons to implement an open-source ERP system in the SMEs is the budget-friendly solution. It is really less costly than other paid software. Small business cannot afford licensing fees of paid software and henceforth Open source ERP software is available freely over there internet

Easy Customization

An open-source implementation developers can access the source code and tailor it as per the business requirement.  Furthermore, when a business expands and its processes change, customization can be done at that time too.

Agile Implementation

Open source ERP software usually follows the agile method at the time of implementation,  this methodology allows ERP providers to offer the best-class ERP implementation services

Fulfills all needs of the business

Open source ERP software has various business apps and modules like sales, manufacturing, project management, purchasing, billing, accounting, warehouse, HRM, CRM, inventory management, etc.


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