We gives the ability in the hands of the educational institutes to completely customize the application according to their need. It also helps them to engage in Open Source contribution and make them a worthy member of the Open Source community.

This leads to no restriction in using the platform, modifying source code and using the whole platform free of cost, i.e.

With different sections of an education institute needs proper management.. The school management features starts from Course Management, ClassRoom Management, Standard management, Activity Management, Subject Management, Hostel management, Exam Management, General Management and Exam Management.

Each of these sub-features can be easily configurable and can be accessed from the user-friendly interface with high visibility and ability to do CRUD(create, update, read and delete operation) on any data present in the school database.

The most important sub-features is the Standard Management, which can be used to set up a whole course and as a one-board information center for the courses.

The users can have greater accessibility and is completely platform independent. The web interface has rich user interface, which in turn improves the productivity of the users. All these features combined offers more manageable features with great customizability and intuitive approach to using the platform.

The current software development trends demand using modular based development. With modular based development, each functionality can be improved and used in other open source platforms as well. The modular design approach greatly facilitates easier upgrades, code reusability and great adaptability to the different set of tools.

The heart of an education institute lies the finances and how they are managed to leverage new amenities and services to the students and the faculties of the institute. With the Financial management option, the institute can easily manage all their expenses, funding and track them from one dashboard.

With all the staff members, main decision makers have access to so much information within the tool, collaboration becomes easy and rewarding.


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