It is said chemical industry is brimming with changes every day and demands great deal of time, energy and resources; thereby rendering management of everyday operations difficult. No matter you belong to Pharmaceuticals, Inorganic or Organic Inorganic, Specialized or any allied chemical industry; you need to adhere to ever-changing government regulations, never-ending industry.

Another crucial factor is that the aim of this industry’s products such as drugs, adhesives, chemicals, cosmetics, paint, etc is to reduce the management costs and improve customer services. Chemical industry to allow chemical producers to give response to their clients in rather safer, faster and reliable manner. Our industry-customized Odoo based ERP solutions will rebrand your chemical venture while at the same time take care of your functions tactically.

Our solutions:

Our solution lets you solve many complicated challenges of this industry by offering you an overall functionality to manage and control your operations. We understand how important is to plan inventory, manage pricing policies, arrange capital and finances, and we want to help you with our readily available ERP services.

Our fully integrated ERP solutions has engulfed many remarkable features into it to give you a pleasurable and incessantly growing experience in Chemical industry.

Odoo Chemical Solutions:

  • Quality control

  • Batch control

  • Lot traceability

  • Shelf life & Expiry dates

  • Pricing Management

  • Formulas and Recipes


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