OdooExpress is a team of passionate people’s goal is to improve everyone's life through Open Source products. Here, at OdooExpress we focus on the business growth, with this in mind, we build strong products that surely improves your business performance while resolving all the issues. Our products are specially developed for small to mid-sized organizations, that surely helps them to grow faster than ever before. We offer an open-source Odoo ERP system to our clients.

Odoo is a comprehensive and integrated suite of business apps and modules like Manufacturing, Financial management, Purchase, Sales, CRM, Human Resources and many other modules and apps. Odoo modules are flexible to be customized as per the requirements of the company. From purchasing to sales and from manufacturing to finance Odoo can be customized to support every department of the organization

Today we will be discussing how the Odoo sales module helps the organization:

This application allows you to manage your sales goals in an effective and efficient manner by keeping track of all sales orders and history.

It handles the full sales workflow:

• Quotation -> Sales order -> Invoice

Create quotations in a matter of seconds. Send quotes either via email or get professional quotes in the PDF format. Further, You can track quotations, and easily convert quotes into sales order just in a single click.

Get access to stock availability in the different warehouses, to customer's specific prices, to the history of preceding offers for this prospect, etc.

Furthermore, you can automatically produce recurring invoices, or can create advances within a few seconds, and easily re-invoices expenses, and more.

Get rid of the worry of paper wastage, simply record all your contacts and contracts in the module. Generate invoices automatically which can be based on your contract conditions. Your account managers get alerts before contracts have to be renewed. OdooExpress sales management sells everything faster that is beneficial for your business growth.  

 Also, install the CRM module, which helps you to manage your funnel of opportunities, log calls, track conversation history with the prospects and customers, schedule meetings and also you can launch marketing campaigns. Consistent tracking and complete visibility help in converting opportunities into quotations.

Define clear targets and commission plans. Get all the details and reports related to the sales team performance or individual salesperson in real-time. Motivate your teams with challenges, rewards and leader boards

Use price lists to record special conditions for a specific customer or to define prices for a segment of customers.

Want to avail above-mentioned benefits of manging sales through Odoo sales module. Contact us 


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