If your organization is planning to get an ERP, This blog is only for you. Today we will be discussing about developing a detailed ERP plan.

First, formalize your team. You need an expert who has experience and is highly qualified, a top project manager who is fully capable of keeping the project moving, and spread awareness to their people about the implementation of the ERP software. You need a project manager who will spend ideally, full time watching all the details, ensure you are stick to the path outlined in your ERP plan. Also, he/she can keep tabs on the team if anyone strays from the timeline of this plan, he handles the team very carefully. You need a cross-functional group of team players and leaders who will devote time towards their own areas of expertise and ensure the “E” for enterprise part of the project works; that means that all the parts work together to provide a tool the entire business can use and will use to help meet goals.

 Here are some key steps that are required for the accomplishing the project as a team:

Design and set up hardware systems as quickly as possible for the immediate use.

·         Design your test scripts. Test scripts can both step by step within a discipline and cross-functional.

·         Data migration from the legacy system to the new ERP software. 

·         Keep a log of all issues discovered. Determine how you will fix these issues and set a time-frame for each issue. Also, understand if any issue could be kept on hold until after implementation.

·         Continue running tests, update any data problems with revised data, and set the configuration switches to match your work environment.

·         Get as many people as possible involved. People want to be part of a project like this.

·         Design and test reports and dashboards and check again if anyone needs the information you hadn’t thought of yet.

·         Set the go-live time. Now you are completely ready for using the system and you have left your fear behind. Hold hands while all your users run real work on the new ERP. Celebrate! It works just like advertised.

·        After ERP implementation now you can test your goals with expected outcomes to ensure that you have met your goals. Easily optimize your business value from the ERP software.

We are here take all your worries!

Odooexpress is an ERP development company.  We have implemented and developed open source ERP/ Odoo for hundreds of clients so far. 



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