Pros and Cons Of Hiring An Odoo Partner

03/30/2018 07:29:46 In Our Blog - Odoo Express

In our today's blog, we will be discussing about Odoo partners. How they are different and what are the pros and cons of hiring an Odoo partner.

Odoo is the fastest evolving open ERP system in the world. Most of the companies are migrating to Odoo because of the benefits of Odoo in comparison to old software. In order to get Odoo ERP, most of the companies go for Odoo partner which is expected and there is a lot of reasons for that too.

Some of them listed below:

·Odoo partners are trained on Odoo.

· Choose the right strategy

· review progress regularly and help to improve the delivering process

  • They have access to Odoo Enterprise source code on Github and the latest bug fixes.
  • They have a direct relationship with Odoo SA to escalate issues.
  • They have access to training sessions.
  • They have dedicated resources assigned to Odoo projects.

As they are the Odoo partner they persist above-mentioned benefits but always there is another side of the coin too

Most of the time hiring an Odoo partner cost more too an organization and Here comes OdooExpress not being a odoo partner still persist all the benefits. We have years of experience in Odoo development, implementation, customization.We offer all the odoo services at a reasonable price so that odoo implementation does not cost too much for the organization. Our aim to provide Odoo to each an every sized business whether it's large small or medium.

OdooExpress has a strong and talented team of developers, consultants, and other members, who will help organizations to improve their business productivity and performance by providing powerful Open Source products. We have developed robust business apps that is the best fit for all kinds of company. All size of businesses can get the advantage of our products to maximize their operational efficiency.

Our clients are fully satisfied and very happy with our products and services. To know more about our solutions and services, get in touch with us.


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