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There are many ERP software options available in the market from license-based to Open-source. For some you need to pay licensing based on pay per user or some of them are licensed free 

But if you are thinking to develop in house ERP system it's very difficult and tricky. Important to mention, implementing an ERP system without any expert can cause failure. Only industry experts can develop the system and implement the ERP software properly. Another important aspect of implementation is, if you are thinking of in-house ERP software development and implementation, it will cost you more and consume a lot of your valuable time. Here, in this blog we are going to discuss why one should go for Odoo ERP software rather than developing a whole new ERP software from scratch.

Why you should consider Odoo ERP software rather than developing a new ERP in-house from scratch?

Odoo is one of the most successful and popular Open source software in the current business environment. It has more than 1000 modules are available for various verticals, like Manufacturing, Services sector, eCommerce, Distribution, Trading, Healthcare sector, etc. The biggest advantage you gain opting Odoo ERP software rather developing the ERP from scratch is that the base ERP is available out of the box with free of licensing; which means at least 40 to 60% of functions are available in case you have any different business process apart from what industry-standard follows.

As we all know that every industry verticals consist of some basic departments like sales, purchase, warehouse, inventory, accounting human resource there may be a certain sector which is not covered by Odoo community version, in this case, you can hire Odoo developer to develop a new module from the scratch for your business. 

What’s more?

It may be possible that your organization does not need a whole set of applications within an ERP system, with Odoo you can only get one or two models as per your business needs.

How OdooExpress can help you

OdooExpress have successfully completed industry-specific module Our Team have been working with Odoo implementation and development since the release of OpenERP (Odoo)– We have exclusive experience in handling a variety of projects for different industries and different clients based in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, and other countries. 

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