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If you own a restaurant then this for you. Odoo POS Restaurant Management helps track inventory, billing, ordering and delivery. It is a system which helps in transforming the restaurant management into a seamless, hassle-free profession. Restaurant management software is required for the growing restaurant management business that keeps the end-to-end business process efficient and smart. Now, with Odoo Restaurant management software, makes the entire process simpler and easier. Tools of Odoo restaurant POS system are all-inclusive that fulfils needs of every restaurant, food court, cafe, bar, etc. 


Odoo Restaurant Management system has a simple and user-friendly interface with effective Table and Floor management facility. Also, it has numerous features like Product/Menu management options, online ordering, offline support and fast billing facility. Furthermore, automatic Invoice generation makes it the best POS system for restaurant. Odoo is one of the best ERP for the restaurant. Get compatible hardware such as Barcode scanner, Card swiping machine, etc. Manage accounts and inventory of the restaurant industry with the seamless integration of Inventory and Accounts modules. Also, integration makes Odoo the best accounting software for restaurants. It also acts as restaurant billing software with its robust billing features. Odoo Restaurant POS allows you to take the most appropriate decisions on menu items, food combinations, sales targets and so on.

Features of Point Of Sale Restaurant Management

Following Features of the Odoo restaurant management helps in managing the restaurant business effectively.

  • System includes Table Management with their respective capacities for the success of dining operations
  • Efficiently handles multiple shops with centralised database
  • Inbuilt provisions for Table Reservations to manage waiting list and reservations
  • User defined Food Categories
  • POS integration : The Write-On Handheld, optional pay at the table functionality enable servers to place orders more quickly and accurately
  • Table no. wise order placing through Tablet PC as well
  • Preparation of KOT based on table orders
  • Inventory Control : Eliminate theft and waste while understanding you consumption patterns with a powerful and robust Inventory Control module
  • Monitors material consumption/ issues to Kitchen from main Warehouse
  • Deep linkages with Accounting Module

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