ERP Implementation is the most important decision for every business domain. A right implementation of odoo leads the successful growth of an organization. Do you need any help for odoo basic implementations in your business domain? OdooExpress is here to help you, We are providing Odoo ERP implementation through proper methodology.

Odoo is best Open Source ERP software implemented by many small to medium and big organizations offers you with variety of advantages in your business apart being an fully Modular ERP software. Small to medium to large organizations can afford an ERP system using Odoo. ERP Implementation is the most crucial element of any business transformation process, a right implementation not only saves time and money but can give a huge boost to the growth of an organization

The extensive experience and expertise OdooExpress brings to the table, will minimise risks and maximise successful outcomes.

A successful implementation can reap vast rewards in organisational strengths and efficiencies.  We have learnt from our experience. Therefore, our Odoo ERP Implementation Process starts with through evaluation.

Agile Approach

Step 1- Pre-Analysis: We make sure that we conduct enough meetings with your key managers or decision makers in the organization to give you a positive feasibility report in the beginning of the Implementation itself.

Step 2- Detailed Analysis: We make sure the our analysis is thorough, so that we are able to gather the required knowledge of the workflow of the organization the ERP Implementation is taking shape for and  provide an Implementation Strategy and a thought through Roadmap to complete Development Procedure.

Step 3- Project Planning: At this stage we plan how to execute the roadmap we developed for the organization in the above step. At this stage we prepare a complete a Gap Analysis Document and prepare the complete business model for a complete Step by Step Odoo Implementation at your organization.

Step 4- Initiation of Development: At this stage we begin to implement the solution designed for your organization,

Step 5-Odoo Implementation: With all the above mentioned Steps completed, and the Client approves, we proceed with the Odoo Implementation at your premises.

Agile Approach to Development

Data Migration in Agile Approach

Step 6- Data Migration: After successful application installations, configurations and implementations we proceed with your business data migration from the system you have been using until now to the new system developed for you. 

Step 7- Training: Preparing a solid functionality on paper and getting it developed as planned won’t change the scenarios of your organization completely unless it is implemented internally in the organization.

We therefore provide best in class User Training for your staff to better engage with your implemented Odoo Solution.

Step 8- Support and Maintenance:  One of the major differences between an unsuccessful and a successful ERP Implementation is after Go live Support.

New Developments so that your system does not go obsolete ever.



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