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Have an Odoo ERP it’s an open source cloud-based ERP. We at OdooExpress offers Odoo to its client. Odoo is one of the Best ERP for small business as it helps to manage all the important departments of your business like Sales, Purchases, Warehouse/Inventory, CRM, HRM, Accounting, Customer portal, Issues Tracking etc.

Odoo is known for the advantages it offers for the business. A centralized approach that monitors almost all the aspect of the business really transforms on how the processes are run and maintained. Odoo is the ERP of the future and if any business using Odoo is moving in the right direction. And, if you are looking forward to have an Odoo implementation, you have landed on the right place.

OdooExpress offers:

· Customizable supplier and customer PDF documents (eg: quotation, sales order, shipment, purchase order, invoice)

· Manage your complete workflow from sales, purchasing and delivery

· Businesses can connect to various other third party channels (shopify, Magento, Woo commerce) to simplify order and shipping related tasks.

· You will have a clear picture of stores performance in real-time.

· Complex sales and purchase relationship for companies keeping full, partial or completely no stock.

· Also, provides a B2B commerce portal that can prove to be perfect for your wholesale business. You can invite your business customers to access the portal and place orders online.

· Sales are reported in real time, in base currencies, and can be filtered by product, supplier, salesman, and more.

· Inventory listings and valuations are updates in real time, and users can browse detailed inventory movements.


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