Odoo is an Open Source business suite of enterprise management applications. Used by over 2 millions companies across the world of all sizes due it's opensource architecture and highly customizable modules that fits into every category of business. Odoo implementation is absolutely Free and there are no license costs compared to other proprietary ERP softwares. 

Odoo is best Open Source ERP software implemented by many small to medium and big organizations offers you with variety of advantages in your business apart being an fully Modular ERP software. Small to medium to large organizations can afford an ERP system using Odoo. ERP Implementation is the most crucial element of any business transformation process, a right implementation not only saves time and money but can give a huge boost to the growth of an organization.

With odoo ERP implementation there are infinite possibilities for every type of enterprise and if you are not happy with your enterprise management software that is burning your cash due to heavy license fee, lousy support and complex features then an opensource ODOO ERP can be for your organization. 

Steps followed for successful odoo implementation:

1. Define Scope of Implementation and End Objectives

2. Select an ERP System.

3. Create the Project plan.

4. Define phases of Implementation.

5. Make urgent but achievable Schedule.

6. Make a Communication Plan.

7. Arrange mid-way Approvals.

8. Plan your Testing.

9. Migrate Business Data

10. Prepare for the change

11. Plan your Go-Live

12. Support and Maintenance


OdooExpress can help your organization to get the right implementation of odoo erp as our goal is to improve everyone's life through Open Source products. We build great products to solve your business problems. We offer all odoo related services from odoo ERP implementation to odoo support. Our products are designed for small to medium size companies willing to optimize their Business performance.

If you have any query related to odoo implementation, development, customization, odoo maintenance and support visit our website and fill the enquiry form. We will be happy to help you.



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