Odoo is the most comprehensive business software suite on the market. You can literally have all the software/services you need for your business in one place. No need for any other software or product to manage your processes. And you pay only the development costs not the hefty monthly costs of all the apps Odoo now has incorporated.

Some points about Odoo:

1.It’s one of the most stable ERP solutions in the market right now

2.Compared to other ERP solutions, Odoo has come up with industry specific modules and gives a lot of flexibility to users to customize the solution according to their requirement

3.Has 3rd party support with all major business products in the market right now

4.The solution can be hosted on your company’s private network, stand-alone web server or cloud server. In the case of the latter, the ERP solution will be available to you from anywhere even on your mobile phone/tab (since we can also make the screens to be mobile responsive). Odoo also has a mobile app module thus you can create your very own company specific mobile ERP App

5.The company rolls out frequent updates which will ensure that your ERP solution is updated to the most recent version available online

Sales and marketing Module

Sales and Marketing Management module in an ERP system is another important core module that every organization. As Sales is the only department from where organization generates the revenue to run its business. Management of Customer, Sales order, Quotation, Marketing Campaign is necessary to enhance growth and achieve more customers.

An ERP software sales management module helps businesses to manage their customer effectively and efficiently further it also helps the sales management team to understand the targets that need to be achieve. A typical sales management module of ERP consist of Customer Relationship management, Lead management, quotation management, Sales order and so on . . . whereas with Marketing Management module you can manage your marketing campaigns and test the effectiveness easily.


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