Why Open source ERP is better than ERP software ?

09/15/2017 07:24:02 In Our Blog - Odoo Express

Odoo/Open ERP is an integrated suite of applications that includes modules for project management, billing, accounting, inventory management, manufacturing, and purchasing. All the modules of Odoo ERP can seamlessly with each other and share information across the business efficiently.

This system covers the core process fo the organizations such as warehousing, manufacturing, as well as sales channels. Odoo’s distinction is that the whole system revolves around a series of apps.

You can get apps and use it paying monthly fees, it can help you in everything from building a website to installing eCommerce portals, furthermore use CRM modules to make the eCommerce business effective. Do not worry about the complexities or any kind of complications using this system, it truly helps you to run your business at less cost as well as less efforts. Avoid bloated system, and get a slim setup.

Odoo’s undeniable constraint is that mostly it needs a skilled technical team in house to implements the whole setup. Luckily, adding online users isn’t prohibitively expensive. With its scaled approach to users and features, Odoo provides a solution that can grow with your business

ERP software is mainly implemented to manage all your enterprise needs. Which means an ERP software doesn’t concentrate on one department of your organization but covers every department from Sales to Accounting with every aspect from Lead to final payments, delivery & support to your customers.

ERP software solutions integrate all the entire functioning of an Enterprise as to create one single unit, It also covers multiple branches and their respective departments. Now, the interdepartmental communication and information transfer becomes easier than ever before.

Further, the integration of every module with each other allows you to reduce the duplication as well as manual interference. Ultimately, that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of all departments.

Furthermore, open-source ERP software are customizable and can be easily tailored according to the organization's needs, workflows, and rules. It also enables to develop a separate system for every industry. such as MRP for the manufacturing industry. 

In summary comparing simple software v/s Open source ERP.

One must remember that Open source ERP system is not limited to its functionalities, it can be increased till the technical specification and its structure allows, whereas, in simple software, its functionalities and features can not be tailored according to the business requirements.


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