OpenERP the “game-changer”

The pragmatic vision set by the Leader defines the Success of any product .ERP is one closed area where many will be skeptical of getting into because of the big names like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Netsuite etc. But today some of the stunning features of OpenERP will give these brands a run for their money.

One of the great areas where OpenERP excel is its ability to keep their workflow undeterred by not forcefully putting in businesses. ERP implementation as the entire company were forced to follow a new workflow, which made everything chaotic. With OpenERP, businesses get the benefit of both the worlds, what is good in your workflow stays while good automation practices can be implemented as well. Being modular and ability to remove unused features, OpenERP creates a good platform for businesses to adopt and move forward without a steep curve.

Another area OpenERP excels is Reliability and scalability. Architecture of the system is done in the best way that it can take good load provided the infrastructure and configuration requirements are met correctly. A good credit goes to Python and Postgresql and keeping it lean.So it is the Best ERP in the world.


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