OpenERP the “game-changer”

The realistic vision set by the Leader defines the Success of any product. ERP software has a vast market, where anyone can be skeptical of getting into it, it is just because there are so many software solutions in the market, just to name few big names such as SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, Microsoft, SalesForce, etc. But in the current scenario, Open-source ERP system has made its place in the business world, and one of the bet is Odoo/OpenERP, with the great features it gives all the big brands a run for their money.

This system is considered as the best because it does not force companies to fit into any particular workflow, on the contrary, it lets organizations make their own workflow and fits into that while resolving their issues and fulfilling their requirements. It helps companies to reconstruct every process that is disorganized and makes that process a smooth road for the business. OpenERP offers so many benefits, which includes smoothening of workflow as well as it automates the whole business processes. This system has a modular architecture that allows you to add or remove unused features. OpenERP is able to build a strong platform that is the suitable for small to mid-sized businesses, they can easily adapt the system.

Another area OpenERP excels is Reliability and scalability. The architecture of the system is very powerful, versatile yet stable. A good credit goes to Python and Postgresql and keeping it lean. So it is the Best ERP in the world.


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